behind the camera

I'm not only a kick-ass creator. I'm also a wife, dog-mom, and visibility strategist. I'm not going to tell you why I'm head over heels for my clients and how deep my passion for my profession burns-- that shines through my work and sessions. (And you can read about it on my blog page!)

I am a hardcore homebody when I'm not behind my camera. I love staying home. A typical friday night for me consists of gaming, late night motivation, working on my client's pages, or/and tons of puppy snuggles.

I run two other businesses apart from trisannphotofilm. I operate two social media management/visibility companies; trisclassie and triscreates. these three gigs are my full-time career, i love every second of it. my to-do lists are never empty and my inspiration is always flowing. Trisclassie is designed for twitch (and other platforms) streamers while trisdigital is buddied up with trisannpphotofilm, it's meant for my fellow wedding creatives.

I live my dream life everyday, thank you so much for being apart of it.


When I was ten and they asked what I wanted to be when I grow up-- I was set on lawyer. I stayed focused on that up until 2 months prior to high school graduation. I picked up the camera in 2014 and never set it back down. A full time career stemmed from my little rebel camera? I never thought of it. After my first real *wedding* gig in 2017, I was hooked.

The high from a successful session lasts weeks. I will never stop chasing this serotonin I get from watching others fall in love with themselves, their significant other, and their families. EVEN THE MESSY PARTS, WHEN THE DOG WON'T STARE AT ME FOR MORE THAN 0.00003 SECONDS, OR THE WIND IS BEYOND WHAT WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. THE TIMELESS MOMENTS ALWAYS REEL IT BACK. I'M HERE FOR ALL OF IT; THE heart warming-TEARey eyed CEREMONIES, post apocalyptic WEATHEr, and every little detail in between.




I would be nowhere if it weren't for my dogs, marriage, and family. The trio have saved me countless times and have given me this fulfilling purpose. My inspiration and drive stems from their love, it continues to grow. I'm thankful for where it's taken me and excited for my next adventures.

A small window into my chaotic, beautifully, love-filled world.

Mia May