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About Me


Finding a voice within the wedding creative community is daunting, and for a long time, it was lonely. I attended workshops and shoot outs, but I never clicked with anyone. I felt outcasted and that my work would never compare. After expressing my fears and stressors to my husband, he helped me find the courage to say 'whatever happens, happens' and now I'm incredibly in love with all of my clients and sessions. I find the lonely few at education workshops and help bring their light out. Everyone deserves their own spotlight. My journey to loving myself and not being afraid to show how much I love my job has shown me that I am here to give others their time to shine. Hyping up Brides on their wedding day, or Babes at their boudoir session, my love for what I do tells you everything you need to know about me and why I'm here doing what seemed like the impossible a few short years ago.

I am fantastic with emotion and light in my images. Each image should display a sense of feeling provoked on a deeper level.

My sweet May helped me see the world from a new & exciting perspective.

We rescued our sweet Mia in 2019. She has been such a warm, loving light in our lives. No day passes without laughter and zoomies in our house. She's my baby and I love taking her on adventures, showing her new things. She's a fish, hiker, snuggler, and very well-loved puppy. It's rare to see me without her by my side or in my arms.

A small window into my chaotic, beautifully, love-filled world.

My loves

furbabe + family, always.

I would be nowhere if it weren't for my dogs, marriage, and family. The trio have saved me countless times and have given me this fulfilling purpose. My inspiration and drive stems from their love, it continues to grow. I'm thankful for where it's taken me and excited for my next adventures.